Smoking is Contagion

young_girl_smokingFor some people, cigarette assumed to be illicit, addiction disease, nor permitted during is not prohibited by law. For health world, cigarette is considered to be first enemy, because smoking is “gateway” to other disease. Therefore, nations makes every effort prohibits cigarette, but not that way in Indonesia, which still depend on cigarette industry as main economics supporter factor.

Active smoker assumes cigarette as requirement of primary as drinking water, though they have known danger resulted by cigarette because every buying a box, there is always commemoration is written clearly, but they still don’t care to risk which will be faced them. According to the smokers when still smoking, they still “life” with any condition of their body, don’t know his bodies still be strong, coughs, and their breath annoyed or in Javanese term is bengek or called asthma. Maybe they will surrender if the soul had got out of their body, wow its name is suicide.

For “smokingholic” or chain smoker, smoking habit is their basic rights, which cannot be prohibited during there is no prohibiting law, but for nonsmoker their basic rights have harmed, because their health rights bothered by act of the active smokers. Some scientists and medical doctor tells that danger of passive smoker risk (nonsmoker) is bigger than the active smoker. So if passive smoker nearby active smoker will breath in cigarette poison more than the chain smokers. Because when smoking, active smoker doesn’t breath to lung directly, but through mouth then disseminates into stomach and partly to lungs, then the smoke is blown through mouth or nose, so that he doesn’t breath all the cigarette poisons.

While passive smoker when breathing with nose around the active smokers, will breathing air that’s full cigarette poison and sipped directly to lung all its poisons, because exhalation through nose would towards to lung only. This thing called as to be catching of disease which ought to only experienced by the active smokers to the passive smokers which not wanted their lung poisoned smoke of cigarette. Worse if passive smoker have never smoked, their lung would be “weak” if breathing the cigarette poison directly. That thing can be destroy their lung, like disease experienced by chain smoker, that’s coughing, asthma and as result of most deadly is lung cancer.

Tips for passive smoker if resides in around the active smokers

  • Warns active smoker not to smoke with reason of health of your body.
  • If first not dare (maybe active smoker is strong and having the big body), you must move to other place that’s no active smoker.
  • If point 1 and 2 fails, perforce you must adapt with them, that’s breathing like the active smokers by using mouth so that poison breathed not 100% to lung.

“Healthy life of that is expensive in price, but though very expensive still able to be bought with wise mind and our humanity morale”

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