About Me

On 11 January 1985 in Jatimulyo village, Yogyakarta city, a baby borne from womb a mother, and called Ronggo Ardya. Don’t know why my father gives the name, because after I ask what’s the meaning of my name my father says not to know, or can be told doesn’t mean anything. I only know name of “Ronggo” of course famous in history of ancient empire of Indonesian nation, famous as good name like Ronggo Warsito is a former diviner and epoch master, so do as ugly name that is Ronggo Lawe an Majapahit empire.


Starts school in the year 1990 in Elementary School Bangirejo II Yogyakarta. After six years, increases to junior high school in SMP 6 Yogyakarta. After three years, continued to senior high school SMU Muhammadiyah III Yogyakarta during three years. Then to higher ladder that is UII College takes S1 Information Technology majors. Because my parent a businessman, since childhood I had assist them to trade in market, until now has moved and opens shop in my own parent house.



After there are Indonesian film entitles “Ada Apa dengan Cinta” or often is shortened AADC, I become often called “Rangga” and not “Ronggo”, because in that film there is figure so called “Rangga” very popular in all Indonesia even in South-East Asia. Especially for my friends coming from outside Java, or not fluent says pronunciation “o”, surely calls me Rangga, because their tongue difficult tells ” Ronggo”


12 komentar di “About Me

  1. lowongan kerja marketing dan sales 19 Juli 2008 pukul 17:31 Reply

    mas, tolong di kasih saran dong untuk blog saya yang sudah ada adsense nya di link terima kasih ya mas

  2. ardyanet 25 Juli 2008 pukul 07:17 Reply

    udah bagus tuh blogmu saranku perbanyak lagi artikel2 luar indonesia, biar org indonesia mudah cari reverensi marketing tdk hanya lokal

  3. luv may 7 November 2008 pukul 05:45 Reply


  4. luv may 7 November 2008 pukul 05:46 Reply


  5. noname(ntar ketauan) 21 Januari 2009 pukul 05:47 Reply

    weh narcis bener photomu nggo…hehehe

  6. tick_tick 10 Juli 2009 pukul 09:28 Reply

    hehehe lucu… b.ing nya lumayan tapi masih acak2kan. sini tak private dulu b.ing nya hahaha.
    aku diajarin bikin blog sih mas, inyong belum bisa ki…

    • ardyanet 16 Juli 2009 pukul 06:25 Reply

      haduh ketauan…..makanya km praktekin dong ngajar english private keaku, ntar kuprivat jg wes ajar blog km oce… 🙂

  7. pengunjung 8 Januari 2010 pukul 04:51 Reply

    oke deh

  8. Opek kutu tegal 17 Januari 2010 pukul 21:05 Reply

    bahasane inggris top tenan

    very good english …
    learn where Nggo?
    but I just wanted to invite you to join exercise often OPEK Organization.
    Opek so that I need to know your potential through Blogmu.
    wait for the actualization of your potential kututegal

    • ardyanet 23 Januari 2010 pukul 00:13 Reply

      bhs enggres isih belepotan gt dibilang bgs…cm learn sitik2
      ok Ai redi litel helep2 OPEK n KUTU TEGAL…
      betewe blogke OPEK cool jg

  9. Opek kutu tegal 20 April 2010 pukul 21:50 Reply


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